Mosquito Control & Exterminator in Buffalo, NY 

Buffalo, NY Mosquito ExterminatorMosquitoes are a particular problem as of late, with the Zika virus (carried by Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitos) becoming an international concern. They also spread all types of other diseases like yellow fever, malaria, dengue and the West Nile virus, while transmitting all types of parasitic diseases. If you notice that your yard has too many mosquitoes, it's important to find a way to eliminate them as quickly as possible. Your first step is to remove all still water sources, because this makes it easier for mosquitoes to breed. ProStar Pest Services will take care of your mosquito problem in Buffalo as soon as possible, while offering you tangible solutions to prevent them from breeding around you once again.


Why Do You Need Professional Mosquito Control in Buffalo?

If you have a mosquito problem in and around your home, simple bug spray and citronella candles may not do the trick. Even if you remove all water sources, mosquitoes may continue to hover around you from nearby ponds, streams, or even neighbors' untreated pools.Our proprietary mosquito treatment is more than just a barrier spray. Our comprehensive program breaks the mosquito lifecycle to keep the disease-carrying pests out of your yard – and your life – all season long. To prevent mosquito problems, or to control infestations, Buffalo's ProStar Pest Services is here for you.

We offer full-scale extermination and mosquito control to get rid of them permanently, so that you can enjoy your home carefree. We stop the mosquitos at their source, eliminate mosquito larvae, and use safe and environmentally friendly methods whenever possible to keep your family safe from not only mosquitos, but from pesticides as well.

Total Mosquito Control From ProStar Pest Services

Buffalo, NY Mosquito ControlOnce spring arrives in Buffalo, these pesky creatures start making their appearance. Their bites itch and they can transmit deadly diseases from one person to another. Our team members are skilled and qualified to handle mosquitoes. We don't just attempt to get rid of them. We will cut off their food and shelter sources, so they don't return to your home's surroundings. Store-bought or home remedies may do the trick temporarily, but your permanent problem will remain unresolved.

We begin by undertaking a thorough inspection of your mosquito problem before offering you a solution. Our services generally range from inspections and habitat removal to adult control and larvae control to eliminate your mosquito problem entirely. We will make sure we find their water source because this is likely their breeding ground. Once we take care of the sources, we will tackle the actual mosquitoes around your home to keep everyone in your family safe.

We offer one-time visits for mosquito problems, as well as one-time prevention treatments to keep your home mosquito-free when you are planning on having company or throwing a party. We also offer 3-season and year-round Home Protection plans to make sure a mosquito never visits your yard.

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